Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip at Jones Beach

Ah, Jones Beach. Such a wonderful trip. The sun was shining, breeze blowing by, what? What was that? Bzzzzzzz.... Buzzing? HOLY CRAP! Mosquitoes! And big ones at that! RUN!

But, unfortunately we all couldn't escape the mosquitoes' wrath. The drained us good, I have the marks to prove it. Nevertheless, our goal for today was to become one with nature. To feel, smell, hear, see, and even taste Mother Nature. I wasn't sure about the tasting, but I know my other sensories were tingling quite lively. We wrote haikus and tankas. I really hate kaikus. Why? Because I can't write them. But I tried and here it is:

Water crashing here
On the rock standing still
Making sounds so pure

Not the best but hey, I tried. I also got the chance to relax my mind and meditate. The smell of salt rushed through my nose and I felt so ALIVE! I wish I could do it again, but without all the raving and disastrous mosquitoes.

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