Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bringing Me Down

Over a thousand times,
You have told me that wounldn't make it.
You scold, you screamed,
You hollered, and you yelled,
I just couldn't take it.
Over a hundred times,
You have told me to give up,
And I wouldn't do well.
You urged, you pushed,
You shoved, you nudged.
Leaving little left to tell.
But no matter how many times
You have told me that I'll be nothing,
I just kept on going.
You were always the one who was screaming at me.
I always thought my life would be so carefree.
So, what more do you want me to be?
You see the horror in my face,
Everytime you were bringing me down.
But as they say: What comes around, goes around.

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