Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Far Can a Gentleman Go?

Now, I can say without second guessing myself, that I am a Gentleman. A capitalize that because I feel strongly about Gentlemanliness. I believe that every woman in the world would want nothing short of a Gentleman. Right ladies?

So, on the the story. I was on the N6 bus today, just minding my own business. I was about 5 blocks into it until the bus stopped for about 5 individuals. These individuals were all females. Between the ages of 21 to 50. One was pretty old looking. They all pay their fare and stop right in front of me. I'm like: "Wow, I'm that popular?" Now, of course I was being witty about the situation. The real question is: Who should I get up for?

Now, to all my Gentleman out there. Answer this question:
Who would you give your seat to?
A) A young woman who looks like she's been walking a lot
B) A middle aged woman who looks like she's been walking a lot
C) A elderly woman who looks like she's been walking a lot
D) Just stay seated and keep your head down

Tricky question right? I mean, no room to squeeze by. These women looked like they just walked a marathon. And it wasn't even that hot today. Now, they weren't sweating profusely, they just had a few dabs on their shirts.

As I was looking up, I was like: "Hmmmm, which one? It would be rude to sit my bum, while these women stand." And to be honest, I really couldn't decide. I'm not going to tell you what happened, but I'll leave the question out there.

How Far Can A Gentleman Go?

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Laura said...

so? I am assuming you gave your seat up to the elderly woman? And yes i think all ladies want gentlemen. however the question is who is a lady and who is not?