Saturday, September 6, 2008

Any Pride

It's the way to show your respects,
And that's called pride. What did you expect?
You can boast it, you can throw it,
You can hurl it, and you can pass it.
Pride comes from the heart,
It's something that can never be torn apart.
It's the only thing that defines who you are,
You can come from anywhere, pride isn't to far.
You'll stand with it where ever you go,
You tell other people, so they can know.
You can wave your flags,
You can wear your du-rags.
It's representing your hometown,
That's your castle, your domain, thats whats going down.
Pride is the best thing you can grasp within your hands.
If your feeling this poem, please stand!
Pride has been with you since you were an infant!
It will forever remain, dont let anyone tell you different!

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