Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Drive to Find Her

It occurred to me that I have a degree of bad luck when it comes to girls. On five separate occasions I've told a girl that I liked her, but she denied me. She gave me the "best friend" speech and left things at that. I always found myself gritting my teeth and kicking myself after it happened. Although, three out of the five are still my good friends, it's just one simple question that has been irking me:

Am I boyfriend material?

But what on earth is a boyfriend? Isn't he the guy you can turn to and tell him your troubles? Isn't he the guy that you can trust and count on? I mean, you can come talk to me and tell me your troubles, I'm a great listener. I'm trustworthy and accountable. So, why can't I be a boyfriend?

But don't get me wrong, I'm not whining or crying over it. I'm just analyzing it a bit. You know what I'm saying? For years I just could not find the answer to the question. I've even jotted down some good qualities about myself:

1. I'm a gentleman
2. I write poetry
3. I'm a good listener
4. I try my best to make a joke for someone to smile
5. I dress nicely.
6. Did I mention that I write poetry?

So what makes a boyfriend a boyfriend? Is it the drive? Do I have to post up a sign saying: "Girlfriend Needed"? I do have to admit that I'm shy, but not drastically. Once we find common interests with each other I'm sure we can hit if off.

Hm, maybe the girl is waiting for me. There's an idea. I should build on that, but who?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Burning Sin (Poem inspired from a song "Burn it All")

Let's rise from the ashes,
so life came begin again.
Let's open the door to our blacken hearts
and let the light wash in.

Unaccounted for, Unresolved,
terrible reasons that are Unforgiven.

Let's revolt
and fall together
We can try what we must,
but who can resist it anymore?
Because everything is evil,
and must be repented for.

Unexcused, unexplained,
wrongful choices that are unrestrained.

Say what you see,
but don't believe it.
Break the chains of normality
and you are then free.
Because no one is stopping you
from burning it all.