Friday, September 26, 2008

The Mother of all Libraries

It amazes me,
how these yellow, bronze covered lights can
create such an atmosphere.

the wonderfully carved structures,
I don't want to get out of here.

The smell of old-fashioned books,
pages above imagination.
It's like living with dictionaries.

The old black ink,
pictures from years ago,
textures as rich as dairy.

Must I leave a place of natural solitude?
Such a room with devastating magnitude?
It feels like I was born here,
I am a son of the Mother Library.
If I can be anywhere else,
this is where you would find me.


mike said...

"textures as rich as dairy"....I like that!

x38 doRK said...

love that picture!. i wish i could hav went to the library .. im quite a fan of the smell of books.