Monday, June 29, 2009

Preparations for the Freaky

I've been given the task to of them.
The ones who talk to themselves,
The ones who stare at their respective corners.
The ones who look at you with flaring intensity.
The ones who are...Freaky.

They can drill a hole in any inner wall.
No matter your mentally capacity, they tend to fill every inch of discomfort.

The ones who would streak without a second thought.
The ones who talk about bodies falling apart.
The Freaky. The Weird.
I have been...given that task.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Capacity Decreased

Muffled screams,
Shriveled moans.
Thoughts obliterated
Into a cloud of nothingness.

Patience cracked,
Time frozen still.
My very essence tortured
Throughout the void.

Silenced cries,
Muted sighs.
The inner me caged
With its own confusion

Friday, June 19, 2009

Improving Your Writing Skills..While Depending on Yourself

We all can turn to writing guides and experts to improve our writing. That is a good thing, I have done that myself. So, what if you didn't have those resources? You have to fend for yourself right? Well, I came up with some tips that can help you. First I would like to give a scenario: You have completed writing your first novel. You have done all the editing you could and you feel confident in it. You ship it off to a publishing company and they reject you. What then?

Tip #1: Don't cry.

Your first rejection isn't the end of your writing career. You get up and try again. There has got to be something that you've missed, OR, the company simple wasn't accepting your type of genre. The sadness and pain that you feel on your first rejection should be used for good. Adversity.

Tip #2: Allow yourself to accept criticism.

After you have soaked in your first rejection, let's call them boogies, you should sit down and look over your work. It may look good in your eye, but what about others. [Note: There are some people who say don't worry about what other people think, your story is good either way. I tend to stray away from that saying. I write for people to read and like, but if they don't like it, my story wasn't good.] Have your work read over by someone more experienced than you, or even some friends. Get their feedback and choose whether to take it into consideration. There are people who will give you harsh criticism, but don't wreck yourself over that. Take their criticism apart and pick out the bits that you need. We all have egos and self-esteem faults, but be open-minded.

After you have gotten some feedback, think to yourself: How can I use this? Some might have said that your punctuation was wrong, other might have said to watch your grammar. Those small little things can get you and I, myself, have been guilty of that.

Tip #3: Don't change the way you speak. Your style.

You are your own author. We all have different ways of conveying characters and presenting plots. To preserve your own soul, you must not change your tone or style. Running mainstream, or copying some other author's tone is just unnecessary. Be yourself, not Stephanie Meyer or James Patterson.

Well, I'm actually fresh out of tips. Haha, only three right? If you have any more, I would gladly add it to the list. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Way We Think

It seems to me that...certain individiuals have a problem about how I think. They each say that I think "too much". At first it didn't bother me, but then they asked for my opinion the second time and critized me again. Is there something wrong with the way I think? So, they "test" me on it. They ask this question: "A cat is chasing a squirrel and the squirrel runs up a tree. What does the cat do next?" So, I thought about it and answered, "Well, there are a few things the cat can do at that point." Quickly after that, they all start laughing and cry, "It's common sense." "The cat chases the squirrel up the tree!"

Well, last time I checked, cats don't chase squirrels. Second, not all cats will chase the squirrel up the tree. What if the cat decided to turn around and do something else. Or maybe the cat decided to sit there and wait for the squirrel to come down. There other possiblities. But they insisted that there was only one solution and I was stupid and had no common sense. It angered me, but I kept it inside.

Maybe I do take my thoughts to a higher level, don't critize me that you can't think on my level. All I'm saying is: We each think differently and there are more than one solution to problems.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Art that I Took Up

Recently, I started to do something that I thought I wouldn't do. You know, I didn't do much in high school, instead become a "nerd" to the people's eyes. I wanted to make a name for myself in college now. But how can I do that? I'm shy and have no idea what the people would think of me. "But it's college, no one will pay attention to you like that." I said to myself. So, I agreed and continued to plan on how to make a name for myself.

So, one day, while in my Creative Studies class, I agreed with my professor to do something spontaneous and free. "This is the perfect time." I said to myself, once again. And to my great expense, the school's Halloween party was coming up and I wanted to be Westley Snipes in Blade. So, I searched the internet and looked up the design he had in his hair. I found it and wondered who can put it on my head. So I strolled over to my barber and he said he'll try it out. Little did I know that he will become my "hair artist". This was the result:

You can't see the Blade design, but the star my barber added for his own touch. Here are some others that I have gotten:

I like this, Hair Art. I get some welcomed attention and people like seeing this. A smile when little kids on the bus point and say "Look mommy!"