Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Character

What do you look for in a character?




Is she/he the spitting image of you?

Or are they the evil side in which you choose to hide?

What is the name of your character?

Does it rhyme with yours?

Is it a name of your best friend?

Is this character likable?

Do they have a tragic flaw?

So tragic that it consumes all?

Whatever this character may be,

You should always reflect it.

Be yourself, the character in this enormous book of Life.


x38 doRK said...

thanks, i didn't really think it was good. haha

but i love this, its so true every ones looking for who they are, i love how you made it short and simple, but at the same time such power

kait said...

this is great. youre an amazing writer so dont ever give it up!!