Sunday, September 14, 2008

A great piece of lyric from Fort Minor

Have you ever heard of the Rap/Hip-Hop artist named Fort Minor? He collaborates with Linkin' Park and Styles of Beyond. Well, one of his songs "Cigarettes" really got me thinking. I mean, it really had me going. Not only was the beat hard, the words that he was saying explains exactly how we are in today's society. I won't give you the entire lyrics, but I'll give you a verses that was the strongest in my opinion.

"Let me tell you something that I realized tonight,
My hip-hop radio is like Marlboro Light.
They're both selling stories and they sound about the same.
Cigarettes say they're safe, rapper claims they really bang.
We don't care when we lay the money down.
We don't believe the words, we just love the way they sound.
They're acting like we're idiots, they're lying to our face
Maybe we are idiots, we buy it anyway!" -Fort Minor, "Cigarettes"

If you didn't realize it the 1st time, read it again. Think about today's time and how we all hear that cigarettes are supposedly cancer free. But yet, people are getting lung cancer, throat cancer from these bad boys. Rappers: They claim that they are so hood and they do their business on the streets. Man, they haven't stepped foot outside their comfort zones to confront someone. I don't but maybe it's me. If that verse didn't touch you this might:

"I'm runnin' out to get the next rapper's CD,
Just suckin' up the guns, drugs, and misogyny.
The same way that I suck up all the stories when I breathe;
that little bit of death supposedly cancer free.
And everything that they say got the truth twisted up,
but twisted up is what I want man, I can't get enough!
Cuz even though we know it's all a big bluff,
we just light another up, what we don't give a fuck!"

Now that's hard, I'm telling you. The imagery that he creates with this song. It's amazing!


SaMii FaLcs said...

ahhh i lovee linkin parkkkk!! and yeahhh omgg fort minorr iss reallyy gooddd

Vampyric Wolf said...

YAAAAAY Linkin Park and YAAAAY Fort Minor!!!!! they rock ^_^