Friday, September 12, 2008

I lost my Metrocard today...

Yeah, I lost my Metrocard today and this is the conversation I had with myself. Now, I have an inner "me", we all do.

Travis: Damn it! I lost my Metrocard!
Inner Me: What did you wear yesterday? It's probably in your pants.
Travis: Yeah, you're right....ITS NOT IN THERE! DAMN IT!
Inner Me: Maybe you left it on your wallet. Check your wallet!
Travis: It's not in my wallet! I've checked 5 times!
Inner Me: Well, go upstairs. Check the bathroom.
Travis: NO! I wouldn't bring my Metrocard upstairs to the bathroom.
Inner Me: I'm trying to help you!
Travis: Well, you are not helping!
Inner Me: Fine, I'll shut up!
Travis: Damn it, where did I put it? I also put it in my wallet, why isn't there?
Inner Me: Check behind the bed, it could have fell there.
Travis: Yeah, good idea. I remember throwing my stuff on my bed when I came home.
Inner Me: I'm such a genius!
Travis: Well, it's not back here.
Inner Me: The mattress. Check under the mattress.
Travis: Now, why would it be under the mattress?
Inner Me: I don't know, but you have found other things under there.
Travis: Nah chill. I know its not under there.
Inner Me: Well, it looks like you are walking to school?
Travis: Walking to school are you crazy?
Inner Me: It's not much of a walk...
Travis: Shut up! The bus makes it look so easy.
Inner Me: Take the hike, I'll do it.
Travis: No you wouldn't. You'll pass out at the 10th block.
Inner Me: Take the hike.
Travis: Fine, I'll take it.
Inner Me: No, on second thought, you shouldn't.
Travis: Why?
Inner Me: Because you'll be late. It's already 7:45.
Travis: Damn, you are right. DAMN IT! WHERE DOD I PUT IT?!
Inner Me: Looks like you lost it.
Travis: No freaking duh!

After the screaming and throwing myself across the room, I finally asked my mother for 2 dollars. But knowing her, she'll hold it against me when I get my paycheck. :( It turns out that I walked halfway to the school. And to be honest, it wasn't that bad. I'll probably will start walking that half everyday. Maybe when it isn't cold...

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mike said...

Fantastic inner monologue blog. You definitely have an interesting mind!