Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If Love Was: A Poem Inspired by Lucy

If Love was a virus, when will I be infected?
If Love was a vaccine, when will I be injected?

If Love was the wind, when will I be blown away?
If Love was the string of words, what will I say?

If Love was with gravity, when will I fall down?
If Love was a store, what corner would it be around?

If Love was a diamond, how much would it cost?
If Love was a map, would it guide me when I'm lost?

I can say for sure what is Love is.
But I know it is a drug, a cure, a force, a saying.
It pulls you down, it surprises you, it's costly, and sometimes it deludes.

All I know is...that...I too, want to fall in Love.


Vampyric Wolf said...

That was awesome and can be true in some cases, if love was a drug it would be addictingly dangerous

JiLly BeAn said...

heyy! i was trying 2 comment you back much earlier and tried several times but it didn't work...anywayz lol ur poem was a little too "good" to be bad lol if it was based on ur performance u def would of won! we like our straw 2nd palce! lol :) ooo btw in math dr. hammerman sed 2 e-mail her

samiifalcs said...

travis i love all your poems...i wish i could write like you lol
this one is one of my fav's

♥ -Lucy- ♥ said...

this is fantastic, and very truthful!

i cant help but wonder, was it inspired by my post on love? or do you know another lucy?