Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've Seen You Somwhere

Hey, you. Yes you! How has it been?
I think I know you; do you remember me from back then?
No, you say? Why, you haven't got an inkling?
"This person must be crazy!", that's what you're thinking.
But I assure you that I'm no lunatic.
Therefore I've seen you somewhere, I just know it!
But where? Where do I recall seeing you?
I can't place my finger on it, what shall I do?
Go away, you say? Leave you alone?
Well, if I do, this moment will leave chills in my bones.
Please, we must figure this out!
Please don't be alarmed, I know what I'm talking about.

A picture's coming to me now.
It's somewhere nice, not too profound.
It was a place, not too far from here.
Somewhere close, so don't you fear.
It was my dreams, pleasantly calm.
You were under those tall, green-lit palms.
Yes, I saw you there. Everyday!
When I closed my eyes, you wouldn't go away.
I don't want you to disappear.
No I don't want that, please stay near.


But where?

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