Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It Just Kept Going & Going

"It didn't stop!
That motherfucker didn't stop!
I mean, BOOM, it just went!
Like a spec in the wind; just blew to another dimension!"

-A hunter talking to his buddy. (That deer didn't like bullets)

"I was like:
'What the fuck? Why won't it stop?'
I tried to restart the whole thing, but it didn't work.
I banged on it a couple of times but it kept on going!"

-A Ipod customer, explaining his story with his malfunctioning Ipod.

"Like, you know when your brain hurts?
And your like: 'Ow, why won't it stop?'
And it just keeps hurting?
All you have to do is take, like, this red pill.
I forget what's it called....
I think it's, like, Advil. And your brainache is, like, gone!"

-A girl (perhaps from Valley Stream, just joking!) talking to one of her friends.

"This staircase won't stop!
It feels like I'm in a nightmare.
Yeah, a nightmare where the Energizer bunny keeps chasing me.
It just keeps going and going!"

-Me, when I was walking down that endless staircase on the Brooklyn trip (Below)


kait said...

this picture makes me dizzy and i love it. p.s sorry i stuck my tongue and middle finger up at you haha

mariposa said...

I like how you compared those different instances. And the picture is pretty awesome as well.

You used to take karate? That's really cool! I would tell you the order of the belts, but it's usually different depending on the school you go to.

Also, thanks so much for the really nice comments - I love reading them :)

itSAMazing said...

i love the picture. and yes me a girl from valley stream would say that haha

JiLly BeAn said...


Felipe said...

sick dude, I loved reading this