Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Favorite Things

This blog is late, but I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite things.

The 1st for presentation will be my 30GB Ipod. My God I love this thing. Only the coolest songs are able to go on here. My favorite bands like Korn, Disturbed, Papa Roach, and more are in this Ipod. I can't imagine what will happen if I lose this kid. And when the battery is dead--can't find my charger....WOW, a whole new story. But I also got some other stuff in there. Like my novels and things for school. So it's a music drive and flash drive. Some people didn't even know that you can use an Ipod as a flash drive.

The 2nd thing I would like to show you people are my ties. Now, my mom says that I dress very conservatively. She's right in a way. Most people ask me when I'm wearing a collar shirt and slacks, "Why are you dressing up?" I then look at myself and shake my head, "I'm not dressing up. This is what I like to wear." So far, I haven't worn a tie, but as the year progresses I will be wearing some of those flashy cloths for all to see.

The 3rd thing will be my earrings. And I know some people are like: "Wow, this kid is a girl!" But I must admit that my earrings mean something to me. They are a symbol of something deep, something that I would explain later in my blog. But I'll tell you that not everyone is self confident at times.

The 4th thing is the Webster's Dictionary. Wow, when I'm writing my novels I'm looking this book up and down. Whether it's to find a new word or to just pass the time. I find myself looking up words to make a new character in my novels. For example, I needed a name for a monster. Monsters are originally sinister, so I was looking for a sinister name. And I came across this:

Cacophonous: A harsh, metal grinding sound.

And I was like, "Wow, that's perfect." So I made a beast who's cry will paralyze everybody who hears it. And it can also destroy glass and bend metal. Pretty cool huh? So this is why the Webster's Book of Words is one of my favorite things.

5th on the list is one of my poetry books. Good Poems by Garrison Keillor was given to me by my Poetry Club adviser before I left my high school. For that, it means a lot to me. In this book they have poems from various poets like Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes. They also have some from people I haven't heard of. To be honest, I haven't taken a in depth look at the book, but I will when I'm low on ideas. Hehehe, I'm such a theft.

Last but not least, my novels. I am fully dedicated to these books. I feel that I can finish them in a week's time, but I know that it will take a long time. My hope for the future is to become a great novelist and be loved by adoring fans. It sounds childish, but that what i hope for. I know will great supporters and myself included, I can become this novelist.

Well, here are my favorite things. I hoped you enjoyed! Comment me and share some of your favorite things!


a Mess of Jess said...

nothing wrong with being classy travis :D love the ties

itSAMazing said...

jess stole my comment!
ties are awesome and so is dressing up. hey i give you credit for that, also love the monster's name we are very lucky for dictionaries and cool words!

JRTickrish said...

I actually think you have a really awesome sense of style. I admire you for it since your probably one of the only guys on this planet who like to look nice wearing collar shirts and ties. =)

mike said...

I think that you have some style, but your look is simply not as awesome as mine. Sorry.

Also you need to put some real music on that Ipod of yours.