Monday, October 27, 2008

A Scary Short Story (The Introduction)

It must of been my nightmare that woke him up. He surely didn't have a pleasant one, he's sweating cold bullets here. Ulrick, is more than your average boy. Yes, more than normal.

He leans up in the bed and looks at his clock: It's blinking 12:00.
"Wow, the electricity just went out?" he asks himself. With a shrugged of his shoulders and shrewdly wipes the sweat off with his pajama sleeve. He lays back down and stares at the ceiling. The ceiling contains old stickers from his sister's past. She had past away two years prior and he sheepishly wanted to keep her room. He watched as his eyes went to the sticker of her favorite cartoon character, Yo-yo Bean. She was a chubby dinosaur with a huge yo-yo. His sister who always carry the stuffed figure of Yo-yo Bean. It irritated Ulrick, but that was his little sister's first friend. He smiled at the thought and moved on to the next sticker. It was halfway ripped and was glow-in-the-dark. He remembered it being his sister's airplane sticker. He had given it to her when they saw the movie "Mayday!" She didn't like that movie, but Ulrick forced her to watch it. That same night, he slapped the sticker on her ceiling and she tried her best to peel it off. It was a foolish attempt, therefore she was as short as his leg. But in a surprising leap, she managed to grab half of it with her nail.
"Wow, you can jump." Ulrick remembered saying.
"Shut up, you big loser!" his sister yelled back.

He smiled again and sighed. He loved his sister, loved her a lot. So much that he wished she was here right about now.

He blinked and turned at the clock again: It was still blinking 12:00.

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