Friday, June 12, 2009

The Art that I Took Up

Recently, I started to do something that I thought I wouldn't do. You know, I didn't do much in high school, instead become a "nerd" to the people's eyes. I wanted to make a name for myself in college now. But how can I do that? I'm shy and have no idea what the people would think of me. "But it's college, no one will pay attention to you like that." I said to myself. So, I agreed and continued to plan on how to make a name for myself.

So, one day, while in my Creative Studies class, I agreed with my professor to do something spontaneous and free. "This is the perfect time." I said to myself, once again. And to my great expense, the school's Halloween party was coming up and I wanted to be Westley Snipes in Blade. So, I searched the internet and looked up the design he had in his hair. I found it and wondered who can put it on my head. So I strolled over to my barber and he said he'll try it out. Little did I know that he will become my "hair artist". This was the result:

You can't see the Blade design, but the star my barber added for his own touch. Here are some others that I have gotten:

I like this, Hair Art. I get some welcomed attention and people like seeing this. A smile when little kids on the bus point and say "Look mommy!"

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twinkletoes said...

That is a really cool hair design its very interesting!