Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Way We Think

It seems to me that...certain individiuals have a problem about how I think. They each say that I think "too much". At first it didn't bother me, but then they asked for my opinion the second time and critized me again. Is there something wrong with the way I think? So, they "test" me on it. They ask this question: "A cat is chasing a squirrel and the squirrel runs up a tree. What does the cat do next?" So, I thought about it and answered, "Well, there are a few things the cat can do at that point." Quickly after that, they all start laughing and cry, "It's common sense." "The cat chases the squirrel up the tree!"

Well, last time I checked, cats don't chase squirrels. Second, not all cats will chase the squirrel up the tree. What if the cat decided to turn around and do something else. Or maybe the cat decided to sit there and wait for the squirrel to come down. There other possiblities. But they insisted that there was only one solution and I was stupid and had no common sense. It angered me, but I kept it inside.

Maybe I do take my thoughts to a higher level, don't critize me that you can't think on my level. All I'm saying is: We each think differently and there are more than one solution to problems.

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[trouble]...♥ said...

I get told that I think too much as well... and personally, I'd hate to go through life only seeing one side to everything, only seeing a person as bad or good, or each question only having one answer like a cat always following a stereotype.

You've got a gift for thinking, don't ever let them change that.