Friday, March 27, 2009

Never inspired by my trip to New Orleans

Never by Travis G. Williams

Never would I have imagined,
To be in a place stricken by horror.
To be on a foundation that was once someone’s shelter.
To be on someone’s porch, a place for their comfortable afternoons.
Never would I have imagined,
To be in a place haunted by water.
To be in a home that was ruined: paint to sheet rock.
To be on a roof that was someone’s last resort of safety.
Now, I was given the chance to give back.
I put my heart into that chance.
I’ve given it my all.
It was the first time I was able to say: “Fatigue is a good thing”.
I was able to sweat for someone…
Able to cry for someone…
Able to feel for someone…
Able to help someone.


mariposa said...

Wow, that's a deep poem - I really like it!

Btw, thanks for your comment :)

mike said...

Your blog has been selected as one of the Whitman Creative Studies Best Blogs of 2009. Be prepared for comments from future program participants.

Congratulations on creating such a great blog!