Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Battle of the Decade

I swiftly ran past the limp bodies.
Covering my nose from the thick, black smoke around me.
I turn to see my greatest rival,
standing tall and firm, waiting for my arrival.
"So, it has come to this." I say.
"Yes, it has come down to this day."
"Must we fight? What can we resolve?"
"There's nothing to solve!"
I sigh heavily and draw my sword.
"You won't get anything from that, you have nothing to afford."
I stare him in the eye, I swore I would make it.
We clinch together, The Battle of the Decade

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mike said...

Just wanted to give you all an update on the Whitman Creative Studies Program. Based upon your comments and suggestions, we have made several changes to next year’s program that should improve it substantially. First of all, the three faculty members will never be in the classroom at the same time, which should help to cut down on the chaotic nature of the classroom environment. We are also working on creating an original text for the Philosophy part of the program and an anthology of readings for the English part (being worked on by our own Prince Trase) to help tie the content together a bit more. We’ll still have all the city tours, but hopefully next year’s excursions will be a bit better organized. One thing I will NEVER do, however, is give up on Bob Dylan!

We are also going to try to actively recruit high school seniors to the program who are “unconventional” and to expand the program for them so that they will also be able to participate in another experiential learning community during the spring semester. This one will be an ecoprogram that includes a trip to the Virgin Islands in June. Our goal is to give students who may be uninterested in traditional classroom education a more “active” learning environment to help motivate them during their first year of college. If you know any high school seniors, who are “different,” “untraditional,” or who you think could profit from this kind of untraditional learning environment, please tell them to get in touch with me so that I can inform them about the opportunities we have available for them.

Finally, I am planning to seek out about ten upper-class students to act as peer mentors for program. Although I am giving a preference to juniors or seniors, I would consider sophomores if they have participated in the program as freshmen. I can probably offer either money or credits for students who serve as peer-mentors, so if you are interested, come see me asap.

I’ll leave you now with my assurances that, once you are a student of mine, I have a commitment to you for the long haul. So if you experience any problems this semester or in the future, don’t hesitate to ask me for help. I am now in the Philosophy House [1079 Hempstead Ave]. Feel free to stop by any time.

If you’d like to drop any of your former classmates a line, most of their blogs still seem to be on-line, so any comment you make on their blogs will reach them. All our classblogs are linked at:

Good luck during your second semester of college!

Warmest regards,