Monday, October 17, 2011

It's a tough Process

So, I have recently been named the President of my college's Poetry Club. As excited as I was, I was more than happy to take up the position. I mean, hey, I had been the President of my highschool's poetry club. But little did I know what work was in store for me.

I knew there was some interest in the club, but I forgot to remember that it is hard to pull in those interested people for the simple fact that they are nervous. This happens to everyone when it comes to poetry. They are nervous about sharing their creative prowess and wait for someone else to take the lead. Well, that is what I'm going to do.

I have to get the word out about this club and show those students that they have nothing to be afraid. We should surround ourselves with constructive criticism as we workshop each other's work, and we should also maintain a level of fun and enjoyment. I have big plans for this group and I am willing to go through some turbulence to see them though.

Wish me luck, my Blogger pals!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'd freaking LOVE to be in a poetry/writing club of some sort.

Also, I'm glad you updated. Your writing is superb. :)

Dragon-Dudette said...

Best of luck to you! =0)