Friday, June 17, 2011

2-year Haitus - What I'm Up To

Wow, I'm surprised that I'm back after so long. So . . . what brought me back? Well, I could say that I missed blogging, but that wouldn't be the entire truth. I came back because I wanted to find my passion in poetry and reflectional writing again. Therefore, the reason why I stopped blogging was because I didn't have to write poetry anymore. Now, how can I say such a thing? Someone was making me write poetry? Yes and no. It was required for a class, but I had already found my enjoyment in writing it. So when the class stopped, so did my ability to crank out the poetry. It was more like a catalyst, this class. I love poetry, I still do, but I couldn't find that drive anymore. I guess you can say my inspiration was low.

I did, however, found a new passion for short stories! During my break I began the new path of writing more prose pieces than poetry. And, hey, it's fun! I've gotten a lot done and I'm proud of myself. I've written about 5 to 6 new short fictions (they may not be completed) and found my strength in that. I'm taking these creative writing and novel writing courses and they are really helping flesh out my skills.

Aside from that, I'm really trying to keep up with my writing (this blog as an outlet) and see if I can expand myself. I hope I can gather new Followers; thank you to those who still are my Followers. I'll also try to post more often and get back into my poetry grove. You can expect some excerpts from my short stories and my thoughts on some topics. I mean, that's what a blog is for, right?

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Dragon-Dudette said...

Glad to see you've returned. =0)