Tuesday, October 6, 2009


They said that I was 63 in the queue.
They thanked me for my patience.
They said an agent would be with me shortly.
They thanked me for my patience again.

They said I was 59 in the queue, the next available agent would answer my question.
Again, they thanked me for my patience.

T-Mobile...I'm running out of patience.

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Ally F said...

lmfao T-mobile customer service does suck, what phone do you have? I just got a MyTouch, that and the family plan are like the only reason im on tmobile, also about the white stain line in my poem, i had to paint the ocean last yr...and clouds are really....white...and fluffy..and annoying to make b/c it was just white blobs of paint that i couldnt get to look realistic enough XD