Sunday, September 27, 2009

Choice vs. Fate

The struggle between the two can be devastating.

Do you believe in fate?
Is it a belief where some abstract, celestial object that plotted out the cords of your life? And you're just the electricity flowing through it nonstop, until it pulls the plug and it's light's out?

Do you believe in choice?
Is it a belief where YOU have the option to plant out the seeds of your life? And when you grow you have the time to change the color of faded leaves?

Is fate a trap?
Is it the predator that lurks in the darkness and waits for its time to strike?
Is it a complex compound that defeats the paths you've made and reveals you as senseless elements?

Is choice freedom?
Is it the wind that blows the leaves on your tree to new ideas and destinations?

Do you have the Choice to believe in fate?


mike said...

Some very deep stuff here...Are you sure that you aren't a philosophy major???

mariposa said...

Nice! I really like how this poem makes me think - deep writing is always my favorite kind of writing :)

By the way, I'm back from my blog break :)

emily said...

choice is an illusion