Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why the Critics?

It seems to me that every time I give my opinions on life and how I feel, I get heavily criticized for it. Like, why? Why must you open fire at me because you can't stand the way I view the world? Everyone has there own takes on life? I have my opinion and you have yours. You don't have to like mine, because I don't like yours.

Just a small rant. I could go on with the specifics but I'll only hurt my keyboard.


Matt said...

some people can't just let things be, they have miserable lives yet do nothing about it so they dont want to let other people express themselves. its bullshit man, everybody needs things to be a certain way, and mold things with reasons, they can't just accept differences. just go your own way because those people who fire at you only do it because there not happy with themselves and their own insecurities. i say fuck 'em.

Ally F said...

Lol I agree, and did you know theres a new Bleach Movie coming out? (The 3rd One)

Ally F said...

I watch the anime & read the manga, mostly in jap but i watch adultswim when bored XD