Thursday, November 6, 2008

Self Assessment

Hmmmm, how can I show to you my true self?
I mean the real me, Travis Gibson, myself.
What words can I wrap around your head?
To make you believe everything that I said.

Truly I can just write out my entire life, but that's not what I'm going to do. That's not what's going to happen in this blog. This blog right here, the one that you are reading now, I will be explaining my growth in my FLC class. And to be honest, I think I grew a good amount.

For one, I know how to take good pictures. Hell, all I've done in the past is point the camera and push the button in the corner. I really didn't care for the lighting and what have you. But in this class, I've learned that everything counts. Concept, lighting, background, whether or not you should use flash. All that stuff, I learned and will use for my future photography. I also learned that black and white photos are my best bet. Hey, color is great, but with a dark complexion such as myself, I come out weird. If I hadn't known that, do you know have many photos I would have messed up.

Second, I learned that there are various parts to yourself. The Literal, Relational, Shadow, and Fantastic Self. All four of these have been taught to me. And I've been given some helpful tools that can show those selves. I've been in touch with them at times. My Shadow Self in particular, I like. But I will try to show these parts of me to the best of my abilities.

Thirdly, I learned that, in college, there are many characters. Tell me if I'm wrong, but you can meet some great people. Conrad, you are that person. If I hadn't seen someone's vocabulary as great as yours, WOW, the dictionary would be by my side everyday.

But alas, here I am. Throughout the weeks of the course, I've learned many things. And I hope I can do it again. I had a great time in FLC.


Queen B said...

I think that you are an amazing writer. I could only strive to write half as good as you. I think that your writing is very interesting, you definitely captivate the readers interest which is not easy to do. I hope that you are aware of your talent. My only suggestion is to continue what your doing. your very talented :-)

Vampyric Wolf said...

Hey Travis,
The all mighty writer, your choice of weapon a pen, your armor is your knowledge, your shield is a book, and your power is a massive energy force of what makes ^-^ Your works are just so much fun to read, you are very talented and should not take it for granted. You are awesome!!! Such form of captivating powers of writing can only be done by a continue on traveling the world with your pen and your imagination.


Horton said...

Your blogs I think were the most captivating. The length and depth of the entries far exceeds my own.I suck at writing in prose. Your poetry is also on this level. You got the writing gene man, keep it going, send me a novel one day!

samiifalcs said...

traviss!!! thanks for finding my binder!!! i realli appreciate it! thanks againn!!!